Jan 30th

The sun shining through a towel that was hanging in the window to dry

Jan 29th

The line of Police carriers outside my office to deal with the protesters down the road outside the Iraq inquiry

Jan 28th

Jan 27th

A frosty Brenchley Gardens

Jan 26th

FAIL - that's only the third one so I think I'm doing quite well so far...

Jan 25th

Jan 24th

The sun making shapes on my rug

Jan 23rd


Jan 22nd

Now if only SouthEastern trains were like this!!!

Jan 21st

Jan 20th

One of my souvenirs from Disney

Jan 19th

My very odd looking new iron

Jan 18th

The towers of Battersea Power Station disappearing into the mist (or is it fog?)

Jan 17th

A beautiful sunny day in Maidstone

Jan 16th

The queue at the Royal Mail collection centre this morning!!!

Jan 15th

The reflection in the train window

Jan 13th

What you can't actually see if that board says DELAYED for every single train!!!!

Jan 12th

Jan 11th

Jan 10th

Just need one more photo (it's been sitting on the bookshelf empty for ages!)

Jan 9th

Virtually deserted central Maidstone roundabout

Jan 8th


Jan 4th

Chelsea bridge at speed from the train home