Aug 31st

The washing - well some of it!!!!

Aug 30th

Is this a little known Banksy??? The guy on the left was in a suit, the guy on the right was in combat gear with a big gun, and on the blue thing was a green teapot!!!

Aug 29th

The one with the rose is George and he lived at the B&B when we visited in Dec 2008. He seemed a little lonely so we got him Georgina to keep him company. When we got here this time Anne and Dave had moved them both into our room for our stay. It would seem that they got on very well as there is now a new addition, Georgia!!!

Aug 28th

The Exeter Riddle

Aug 27th

When in Exmouth...

Aug 26th

A very wet and windy day in Exmouth!!

Aug 25th

Georgina the bear sat by my bed in the B&B. We bought her when we visited last year to keep George company!!!

Aug 24th

Campfire on the last night at Beautiful Days.

Aug 23rd

This is Steve the Beautiful Days accountant - I liked the irony of the t-shirt!!!!

Aug 22nd

A Devon & Cornwall police officer with a sense of humour!!!

Aug 21st

Boogie on down!!!! (and look, there is grass, real, green, DRY, grass!!!)

Aug 20th

One of the flood lights at Beautiful Days through the tree.

Aug 19th

The flowers were a lovely touch!!

Aug 18th

First night in the caravan at Beautiful Days festival.

Aug 17th

Now this makes it look as if Tom was actually reading the instructions. What it doesn't show is the fact he's already built the item!!!


I'm off down to Devon tomorrow for the Beautiful Days Festival and then a few days catching up with friends down there. I will be taking the camera, the laptop and the lead to link the two together but may not get a chance to do so every day although I promise to take a photo each day!!! I will play catch up when I can...

Aug 16th

All packed, the biggest of my cases with the expandable bit already expanded, my sleeping bag, coat, hat, daily rucksack and handbag - and I'm still sure there is something I've forgotten!!!

Aug 15th

Pretty lights.

Aug 14th

I haven't managed to get very far with my packing yet!!!

Aug 13th

My desk today - working from home. I kept trying to use the mouse on one screen to work the pointer on the other!!! Plonka!!!

Aug 12th

This plaque is at Victoria Station between platforms 8 and 9. The Unknown Warriors tomb is the only one in Westmister Abbey that you are forbidden to walk over!!

Aug 11th

My Vinyl collection (well most of it!)

Aug 10th

This was the view down Victoria Street this morning. I counted 17 double decker buses before they all just merged into one long red line!!!

Aug 9th

I'm really pleased with this one.

Aug 8th

This was the view from my flat this afternoon - the sun sparkling off the river was dazzling!

Aug 7th

The bomb site that is currently my front room!!!

Aug 6th

The first of this years tomato harvest...

Aug 5th

The sky this evening - reminded me of the ripples you sometimes get on a sandy beach.

Aug 4th

The sun through the trees on the commute home tonight.

Aug 3rd

I was randomly playing with my iPhone in bed!!!

Aug 2nd

Looking up through my tomato plant!!

Aug 1st

Bet you can't guess what this is...