Sept 28th

Natural colours are amazing...

Sept 27th

Think he's got a bit dirty!!!

Sept 26th

Sept 21st

Curried cauliflower soup steaming away ready for lunch tomorrow.

Sept 20th

You're twisting my melon man!!! Currently about the size of a golf ball!!!

Sept 19th

Banana Muffins - I still don't have a muffin tin but they seem to work quite well like this!!!

Sept 18th

Veggie kale chilli - really yummy

Sept 17th

Mum finding out where she was going today - a ticket to a West End show from her best friend.

Sept 16th

Mixed bean salad (left) and red lentil and lemon soup (right) - both very nice.

Sept 15th

I normally wear a ring on this finger but after all the veg chopping for the Vegan challenge I've got a blister instead!!!!

Sept 14th

Some of the kitchen chaos after cooking Quinoa Tabouli and Carrot and Ginger soup - 5 days vegan starts tomorrow...

Sept 13th

Some of my vegan apple and cinnamon muffins (I didn't have a muffin tin!)

Sept 12th

Horses and cars - how we've progressed...

Sept 11th

Gorgeous colours.

Sept 10th

I loved the cloud line above the flats.

Sept 9th

This one is a bit grainy as it was on maximum zoom!!

Sept 6th

Several weeks ago Mum and I were out on my balcony having our lunch when Mum got that weeks lottery tickets and scratch cards out of her wallet. Unfortunately one of the scratch cards fell off the table, and being a balcony there are gaps between the decking and the card slipped through onto the downstairs balcony (which is paved as there isn't one below them!). No-one lives downstairs and although the wind had blown it around the card was still there today!! Well, I went fishing...a bit of string, tied to a thin metal coaster with a blob of blu-tak stuck to it with a dab of super glue. We fed this through the slat in the balcony, caught the scratch card and pulled it up. After all that we didn't win a thing - but at least we know now!!!!!

Sept 4th

One of my lampshade patterns.

Sept 3rd


Sept 2nd

Fame at last - photos published in the Myth & Magic Collectors Club magazine.

Sept 1st

The start of the rush hour in Maidstone.