Jan 1st

...hello 2010.

Dec 31st

Goodbye 2009...

Dec 30th

A very damp carousel in Bromley

Dec 29th

The Christmas lights at the Queens monument - they've been the same for as many years as I can remember!!

Dec 28th

Dec 27th

The reflection of the world in my neighbours windows

Dec 26th

The death of a snowman...

Dec 24th

My Christmas present to myself, The Official Michael Jackson Opus. The silver line on the left is a 30cm rule to give you an idea of how big it is!!! It comes with a single white glove in tribute to MJ and so you don't leave fingerprints!!!

Dec 23rd

My new spice rack...

Dec 22nd

The view from the train window this morning whilst waiting to leave Maidstone. This train decided to terminate at Swanley and I ended up waiting there for 45 minutes! Brrrr...

Dec 21st

The view from my flat 4 days after the snow fell - it's not going anywhere!!!

Dec 20th

Looking towards Maidstone Barracks station

Dec 19th

Pizza dough made in the NEW breadmaker!!

Dec 18th

The Archbishops Palace

Dec 17th

Traffic trying to get into the Fremlin Walk car park on the last late night shopping Thursday before Xmas!!

Dec 13th

Christmas parcels waiting to go to the post office - I should buy presents for people closer!

Dec 12th

Finally got my star lights up - and they will stay up all year round

Dec 11th

Misty morning on the way to work

Dec 10th

Dec 9th

Shakespeare's Globe, where I sat and had my lunch today

Dec 8th

Proof of what time I was in London this morning

Dec 7th

Dec 6th

This monstrosity is going to be a restaurant - it looks sooooo out of place!!!

Dec 5th

Lemon Glazed Sticky Bread

Dec 4th

Dec 3rd

The office works begin

Dec 2nd

Dec 1st

Nov 30th

Kitchen worktop cleared ready for the breadmaker

Nov 29th

Tonights tea - yummy