July 31st

My solar powered dragonfly and its shadow.

July 30th

My new ring, a tribute to Michael Jackson - I love it!!!!

July 29th

Do you ever have days like that????

July 28th

I have a large collection of dangly earrings and they were always getting tangled up. So here is my solution!!! It's expanded to include necklaces and other bits and bobs too now!!!

July 27th

The only man in my life - Tine!

July 26th

No it's not a headless white blob!!! This swan and its family came over from the other side of the river on a mission, unfortunately we didn't have anything for it so it went fishing for itself. I liked the way the sun was caught by the ripples the wind was making.

July 25th

Standing in the middle of the A229 in Maidstone - not a car in sight!!!

July 24th

The River Medway at Maidstone through the pouring rain. The River festival starts this evening, hence all the boats!!!! Click on the image to see a larger version and you can really see how much it was raining!!!

July 23rd

The Victoria Palace Theatre where Mum and I went to see Billy Elliot this afternoon.
Absolutely fantastic show - it wasn't quite what I was
expecting, it was better, sooooo much better!!!

July 22nd

The Orient Express at Victoria Station this morning (taken on my iPhone rather than my camera!). I love seeing the Orient Express as it is a real taste of luxury. I try and work out what the reason is for the people getting on in all thier finery, anniversaries, birthdays etc.

July 21st

This is the print on the front of one of my favourite skirts - I just think he's cute!!

July 20th

This is the front wheel of one of my Myth and Magic biker studies. I liked the shadows it was casting on the wall behind.

July 19th

I collect badges and have spent the last week or so attaching them all to an old curtain to be hung in my bedroom. This is one of my favourites - it spins so the cut outs of Mickey's head can have different flags showing.