Nov 28th

Reindeer in Maidstone town centre - not something you see every day!!!

Nov 27th

Nov 26th

Nov 25th

After 134 posts I have failed and completely forgot to take a photo today - OOOOOOPS

Nov 21st

I've been having a proper clear out, all the cupboards, drawers etc and came across these coasters - cute wasn't I? 5 months / 11 months / 1 year 8 months / 2 yrs 6 months / 3 years / 3 years 9 months

Nov 20th

One of the office blocks lit up.

Nov 19th

For some reason I've started spring cleaning (in November!!). I've had these two for years but think maybe it's time I found them a new home...

Nov 18th

A rare sight, Victoria Street devoid of traffic. The road was closed for the State Opening of Parliament

Nov 17th

Westminster Cathedral by night!

Nov 16th

I woke up at stupid o'clock this morning - it's quite nice though, about the only time the traffic stops!!!

Nov 15th

Nov 14th

The Gurkha statue at Maidstone Museum

Nov 13th

The Christmas lights already on at Fremlin Walk - I think Christmas should be banned until 1st Dec!!!

Nov 12th

This is actually a pic of my bedside lamp that has a plain cream shade!!!

Nov 11th

I was trying to capture the mist in the fields but by the time I got my phone camera sorted I'd kinda missed it!!!

Nov 10th

Went to bed early tonight!!!

Nov 9th

I think my tomato plants are confused - flowering in November!!!

Nov 8th

My new balcony decoration - all the way from Germany

Nov 7th

I love the strip of light sky above the trees

Nov 6th

The rain on the glass of my balcony

Nov 5th

This is 'Soldier' - he was the gift sent back to me by the soldiers who each paid 50p for a MatchMaker!!!

Nov 4th

When I was 5 I spent my pocket money on a box of these and sent them addressed 'To a Soldier in the Falklands'. 25+ years later the soldier who opened the parcel suggested it was about time I sent some more. 1 box for him and the other is to 'A Soldier in Afghanistan'

Nov 3rd

Sooooooo much rain!!!

Nov 2nd

Hot blackcurrant - the most EVIL thing on the planet, other than hot lemon!!!

Nov 1st

The pattern the rain made on the table on my balcony.

Oct 31st

Oct 30th

The moon over my block

Oct 29th

A misty October morning - about 6.30am