Oct 26th

It's going to get really hard to come up with photos now it's dark early!!!

Oct 25th

My home grown peppers and one of the plum tomatoes (the others aren't quit ripe yet!)

Oct 24th

My chocolate from Ivor.

Oct 23rd

The carriage light on the high speed Thalys train

Oct 22nd

The horn of one of the oldest gramaphones

Oct 21st

Schloss Drachenburg - Beautiful castle - it took 2 years to build and they have been restoring it for 10!!!!

Oct 20th

Our shadows as we went up the chairlift in Altenhar...

Oct 19th

Just to prove to my Belgian friend that I was there (if only briefly!)

Oct 18th

I had a friend called Chris Bryant at Uni!!!


I am off on holiday for a week so won't be uploading any pictures but will play catch up when I get back!!

Oct 17th

This is a commissioned piece of art outside Maidstone Library...

Oct 16th

Dairy, wheat and gluten free chicken korma and rice.

Oct 15th

I loved the contrast in colours of the really thunderous sky with the sun shining on the white blocks of flats.

Oct 14th

My herbs. The nearest I have to a window sill!!!

Oct 13th

Oct 12th

Battersea Power Station - someone tried to tell me it's not an icon but I think it is!!!

Oct 9th

Swanley station through a very wet window!!

Oct 8th

My life in scrapbooks!!

Oct 7th

The very wet bottoms of my trousers after a run in with a deceptively deep puddle!!!

Oct 6th

Oct 5th

The view from my flat at 3.30 this morning - NO TRAFFIC!!

Oct 4th

Wheat free, dairy free, gluten free Green Thai Chicken

Oct 3rd

Morris Men in Maidstone

Oct 2nd

The shade on one of my bedside lamps, it's actually duck egg blue!!!

Oct 1st

Going over the M26 just outside Otford

Sept 30th

The Michael Jackson scrapfile taking shape...

Sept 29th

Be time to count it up soon!!!